Mississippi Lids Inventory

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Lid Type
24x15View ImagesUsed Individual Lids for Hand totesMiscGray560Request a Quote
24x15Used Individual Lids for Hand totesMiscBlue153Request a Quote
24x22Used Individual Lids for Hand totesMiscGray500Request a Quote
30x32Used Structural Foam LidsStructural FoamBlack0Request a Quote
30x32UsedHDPE LidsBlack77Request a Quote
48x40View ImagesUsed Structural Foam Lids - 48 x 40 - Heavy DutyStructural FoamBlack5Request a Quote
48x45New Buckhorn Structural Foam LidsStructural FoamBlue42Request a Quote
48x45View ImagesNew Monoflo Injection Grade LidsInjection GradeBlack932Request a Quote
48x45View ImagesNewSchaefer MultiStac Lid (Toyota Approved)Injection GradeBlack1156Request a Quote
48x45NewSchaefer NFT TopcapBlack1531Request a Quote
48x45NewSchaefer NMXT Thermoformed lid Injection GradeBlack1120Request a Quote
48x45 View ImagesUsed Lid - Orbis MP2Black120Request a Quote
48x45 View ImagesUsed Lid - Orbis MP3Black2,289Request a Quote
48x45Used Lid- Orbis MultiStacBlack0Request a Quote
48x45Used Structural Foam Lids Black61Request a Quote
48x45 View ImagesUsed Lid - Schaefer NFTBlack232Request a Quote
48x45UsedLid - Schaefer SMTBlack95Request a Quote
48x45UsedLid - Schaefer MultistacBlack225Request a Quote
48x45Used Lid - Thermoformed/Injection Grade/HMWMiscBlack432Request a Quote
48x45UsedLid - Robinson ThermoformedBlack340Request a Quote
48x45View ImagesUsed Lid - Journey StyleBlack234Request a Quote