Mississippi Steel Tubs & Wire Baskets Inventory

Drop Doors
# Available
33x20x2132x19.5x16View ImagesUsedWire Basket - Door Half Drop on Long Side- Collapsible1Misc418Request a Quote
33x33x2631x31x18UsedSteel TubsMisc136Request a Quote
34x40x3230x36x29View ImagesUsedSteel Tub - 2 Half Drop Doors on Short SideMisc141Request a Quote
40.5x34.5x3239x31x22View ImagesUsedWire Basket- 2 half drop doors on short side2Misc80Request a Quote
40x40x3134x34x21View ImagesUsedWire Basket - 1/2 Drop Door1Misc42Request a Quote
45.5x48.5x2041x44x13UsedSteel Tub0Misc75Request a Quote
45x29x27.7543x27x17UsedSteel Tub0Misc56Request a Quote
47x39x3545x37x32UsedWire Basket- Collapsible with Solid Bottom0Misc4Request a Quote
46x43x3045x42x24UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc1Request a Quote
48x30x1744x26x10Used Steel Tub- SolidMisc4Request a Quote
48x30x1844x26x10Used**No Description Given**Misc15Request a Quote
48x30x3247x27x24UsedSteel Tub-No Drop Doors0Misc19Request a Quote
48x30x3446x26x26UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc6Request a Quote
48x30x2044x26x12UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc1Request a Quote
48x30x2144x26x14UsedSteel Tub- SolidMisc4Request a Quote
48x30x2544x26x10UsedSteel Tub- SolidMisc1Request a Quote
48x30x2544x26x18UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc3Request a Quote
48x30x2644x26x17UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc40Request a Quote
48x30x33.544x26x28View ImagesUsedSteel Tub- Solid Door 4 doors top half drop4Misc25Request a Quote
48x31x1844x27.25x11View ImagesUsedSteel Tub 0Misc144Request a Quote
48x31x2244x27.25x16View ImagesUsedSteel Tub0Misc138Request a Quote
48x44.5x2445x42x19View ImagesUsedSteel Tub - Solid Door Half Drop Front & 1 side 2Misc31Request a Quote
48x44.75x34.2544x40.75x26View ImagesUsedSteel Tub- 2 half drop doors on short & long side Orange2Orange21Request a Quote
48x45x2240.5x43.5x16UsedSteel Tub0Misc5Request a Quote
48x45x2344x41x16UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc1Request a Quote
48x45x2544x41x20View ImagesUsedSteel Tub- Solid Door 4 doors top half drop4Misc14Request a Quote
48x45x2544x41x17UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc24Request a Quote
48x45x2544x41x16UsedSteel Tub- 1/2 Drop Door on Long Side & 1/2 Drop Door on Short SideMisc4Request a Quote
48x45x2648x41x18UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc5Request a Quote
48x45x2744x41x17UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc6Request a Quote
48x45x3446x43x25.75View ImagesUsedSteel Tub- Solid Tub no Doors 0Misc33Request a Quote
48x45x3444x41x28UsedSteel Tub-2 half Drop Doors on Long Side2Misc2Request a Quote
48x50x3244x48x25UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop Doors4Misc47Request a Quote
49x49x29.546x46x24UsedSteel Tub- Solid Tub no Doors 0Misc42Request a Quote
48x45x2644x41x18UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc21Request a Quote
48x45x3444x41x26UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc57Request a Quote
50.25x43.25x2949x42x22UsedWire Basket Solid Bottom Collapsible0Misc6Request a Quote
50x38.5x4348x36.5x34View ImagesUsedWire Basket- half wire on front long side0Misc317Request a Quote
51.5x44.5x28.550.5x43.5x23View ImagesUsedWire Basket - Collapsible - Drop Doors on Long Side2Misc157Request a Quote
51.5x44x1850.5x43x11.5View ImagesUsedSteel Tub - Solid Door Half Drop - Doors on Long Side2Misc13Request a Quote
51.5x44x3046x38.5x22UsedSteel Tub- Solid Tubs, No Doors0Misc78Request a Quote
51x44x3049x42x22View ImagesUsedSteel Tub-1/2 Drop Door on Long Side1Misc12Request a Quote
51x44x3049x42x22UsedSteel Tub- Collapsible 2 complete drop doors on long side2Misc4Request a Quote
51x44x3449x42x26UsedSolid Tub0Misc3Request a Quote
52x44x2849x41x23UsedSolid Tub-Yellow0Yellow10Request a Quote
53x37x2149x33x13UsedSteel Tub- SolidMisc6Request a Quote
53x37x2049x33x12UsedSteel Tub- 2 Half Drop Doors on Long SideMisc13Request a Quote
53 x 48 x 3647x42x26View ImagesUsedWire Basket - Half Drop Door (2) on Long Side2Misc48Request a Quote
53x42x3851x40x29UsedSteel Tub-Corrugated Tub No Drop Doors0Misc6Request a Quote
53X48X3351X46X13View ImagesUsedSteel Tub- Corrugated/Collapsible0Misc0Request a Quote
53x48x3351x46x26UsedSteel Tub- 2 1/2 Drop Doors on Long Side2Misc5Request a Quote
53x48x3351x46x24UsedSteel Tub- Collapsibe and Coorugated Misc8Request a Quote
53x27x2149x23x13UsedSteel Tub- SolidMisc2Request a Quote
53x27x2149x23x13UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc2Request a Quote
54x22x2053x21x14View ImagesUsedWire Basket with Fixed Walls0Misc239Request a Quote
54x44x5352x42x44View ImagesUsedWire Basket- 1/2 Drop Door Long Side1Misc10Request a Quote
54x48x3048.25x42.25x23.75View ImagesUsedWire Basket-1/2 Drop Door Long Side1Misc9Request a Quote
56x44x3354x42x25View ImagesUsedSteel Tub-Collapsible 1/2 Drop Door on Long Side1Misc5Request a Quote
54x44x4947x38x41UsedWire Basket- 2 one half drop doors on Long SideMisc27Request a Quote
58.25x45x3653x40x29View ImagesUsedWire Basket - Drop Door on one long end/one short end2Misc14Request a Quote
58.5x48.5x3257.5x47.5x24UsedWire Basket - Door Half Drop on Short Side1Misc0Request a Quote
58x45x2457x44x17.5View ImagesUsedWire Basket with Fixed Sides with Divider0Misc34Request a Quote
58x45x4053x40x28UsedWire Basket- Half Drop on the Long SideMisc130Request a Quote
60x30x1656x26x11UsedSteel Tub - Solid0Misc35Request a Quote
60x30x1656x26x10UsedSteel Tub- SolidMisc90Request a Quote
60x30x1756x26x10UsedSteel Tub- SolidMisc24Request a Quote
60x48x19.557x44x14View ImagesUsedSteel Tub- Solid0Misc4Request a Quote
60x48x2156x44x13UsesSteel Tub- SolidMisc3Request a Quote
60x48x3456x44x26UsedSteel Tub- 2 1/2 Drop Doors on Short Side, 1 1/2 Drop Door on Long SideMisc18Request a Quote
60x48x3456x44x25UsedSteel Tub- 1 Half Drop Door on Short Side, 1 Half Drop Door on Long SideMisc56Request a Quote
60x48x2556x44x17UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc6Request a Quote
60x48x2656x44x17UsedSteel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc4Request a Quote
60x48x2656x44x18Used Steel Tub- 4 1/2 Drop DoorsMisc5Request a Quote
63x48x3359x42x24View ImagesUsedSteel Tub- 1/2 Drop Door on Long Side1Misc25Request a Quote
63x48x4661x46x34UsedWire Basket- 1/2 Drop Door on Long & Short Side2Misc3Request a Quote
64x30x3262x28x25View ImagesUsedSteel Tub- No Drop Doors0Misc47Request a Quote
64x36x1757.5x28x15UsedSteel Tub0Misc68Request a Quote
64x48x3462x46x25View ImagesUsedSteel Tub- 2 Full Drop Doors on Long Side2Misc7Request a Quote
64x48x3462x46x27UsedSteel Tub- 2 Half drop doors on short sideMisc6Request a Quote
64x48x3362x46x26UsedSolid Steel TubMisc18Request a Quote
68x48x3366x46x25View ImagesUsedSteel Tub- No Doors0Misc3Request a Quote
69x54x3763x48x31UsedWire Basket- 2 half drop doors on long sideMisc18Request a Quote
79x47x3877x45x32View ImagesUsedWire Basket- Collapsible with Solid Bottom0Misc7Request a Quote
80x48x3074x40x16UsedSolid Wire BasketMisc69Request a Quote
80x48x3277x45x26UsedSolid TubMisc28Request a Quote
96.5x48.5x23.592x44.5x14.5View ImagesUsedSteel Tub 1/2 open on one short end no doors0Misc59Request a Quote