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Earn Cash For Your Scrap Packagaing!

Sell your scrap for a greater (and greener) investment

Don’t just throw away your damaged plastic and steel packaging! Sell your scrap and excess packaging for a greater and greener investment!  HPJ Industries buys scrap by the pound to maximize your return on investment!

Our facility can handle mixed loads of plastic and scrap. We can maximize your value on the following materials:

  • Bulk-Bins
  • Hand Totes
  • Plastic Lids
  • Plastic Pallets
  • Thermoformed HDPE Plastic Trays
  • Automotive Racking
  • Metal Tubs/Wire Baskets/Racks
  • Obsolete/Excess Metal
  • All Non-Production Scrap Metal

Receive Check by Mail

After the scrap load is processed, we can mail a check for the earned credit of your scrap packaging.

Receive Scrap Credit

After the scrap load is processed, in lieu of mailing a check, we can hold the earned credit of your scrap packaging. This credit can be used for future purchases of any HPJ Industries products or services. This is a favorable alternative that covers future packaging needs and in most cases alleviates the necessity for a purchase order.

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